Samarika Pharma Equipment

Corner Bench


Corner Bench is suitable for Laboratory consists of combination of storage modules with shutters  and Tops of selected material. Lab corner benches are extensively used in university, research institutes, hospital, microbiology industry, chemical and physical technology department and others industries. The main feature is to facilitate the Corner integrated along with work bench.

Technical Specification 


  • Length: 1050 x 1050 mm
  • Height : 750 – 900 mm

Module Type

  • Full Shutter
  • Only Drawers
  • Drawer and Shutter Combination

Design Options

  • Flexi Castor wheel
  • Design Pedestal Design
  • “C” Frame Design
  • Plinth Mounted Design

Work Top Options 

  • Toughen Glass Worktop
  • Stainless Steel Worktop
  • Phenolic Resin Worktop
  • Natural Granite Worktop

Construction Options 

  • Aluminum Construction 
  • Stainless Steel Constructions 
  • Galvanized Steel Constructions