Samarika Pharma Equipment

Multi Mill


  • Samarika Pharmaceutical multi mill machine is a self contained portable unit that is useful for multiple purpose formulations. Our
    industrial multimill can be used as high speed granulating mill, pulvirizer, mider, shredder, chopper etc. A wide range of wet and dry
    drug materials can be added to this industrial machine without any special attachments. Multi mill tablet machine works on the
    principle of size reduction with variable force swing hammer blades and with a selected screen to control reduction.

Technical Specifications:

         MODEL : SPE-MM

  • Output Speed 50 Kg to 200 Kg Depends on products, speed and sieve size
  • Rotor Speed 750/1500/2300/3000 RPM by step pulley Option for VFD
  • Rotor Diameter 250 mm
  • Charging Height 1445 mm.
  • Discharging Height 730 mm.
  • Motor 3 HP/2.25 Kw/3 Phase/1440 RPM/AC